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Capacity of Participants and Consortium as a Whole

The consortium is well balanced in terms of partners, geography and knowledge.

Type of partners:

The consortium consists of:

  • Two large enterprises (nuvoteQ and Janssen)

  • Two non-profit organisations (BVGH and MDGH)

  • Two pharmaceutical companies (Janssen and MDGH)



  • Representation of two African countries (nuvoteQ, ZA and SFA, US/KE)

  • One EU member state (Janssen, BE)

  • One EDCTP founding member (MDGH, UK),

  • And one third country (US) 


Technical and scientific knowledge: 

Technical development, scientific coordination, training development, capacity development and sharing, pharmaceutical product development. 


Also, the consortium is complemented by a forum with African and international stakeholders, including funders, pharmaceutical companies, and public-private organisations (Figure 1-2). Therefore, this consortium has the relevant knowledge and networks to lay the foundation for the establishment of a pan SSA infrastructure of clinical trial facilities for infectious diseases.


In addition, by strengthening epidemiological and operational intelligence of regulatory requirements and by bringing all information together in an existing platform, the consortium addresses fundamental components to do successful clinical trials in Africa. The consortium has the means to start the implementation and operationalisation of the network within the project period. 

To ensure commitment and ownership & access rights of the results, clear and robust governance arrangements will be agreed between the parties and will be documented, through the establishment of a Consortium Agreement, which will be entered into between the parties latest at the same moment the Grant Agreement for this Action is signed. 

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Getting to Know Our

Consortium Partners

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