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nuvoteQ is a data driven software venture launched in 2015 to provide integrated Electronic Research Record (ERR) solutions within clinical research, eliminating the problems inherent to paper-based data collection methods.

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nuvoteQ provides various technology consulting services, including the development, management, support, and hosting of software solutions.


nuvoteQ will be responsible for overall project coordination and for the technology required to run the CTC Platform. nuvoteQ also plays a critical role in the overall automated collection, cleaning and management of data in the CTC platform by implementing different data modelling strategies. These strategies include, but are not limited to, web-scraping, integration with external APIs, data warehousing and data cleaning using machine learning and deep learning tools.


Since 2021, the CTC platform has been transitioned to nuvoteQ to dedicate focus to enhancing platform functionality and, in partnership with SFA, expanding its reach across the continent.


nuvoteQ hosts the platform and leads the solution architecture and its marketing on a global stage, through webinars and conference engagements. 

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