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Janssen are the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, working tirelessly to make a disease free future a reality for patients everywhere by fighting sickness with science, improving access with ingenuity, and healing hopelessness with heart. They focus on areas of medicine where they can make the biggest difference: Cardiovascular, Metabolism & RetinaImmunologyInfectious Diseases & VaccinesNeuroscienceOncology, and Pulmonary Hypertension.


Janssen, through its dedicated global public health (GPH) organisation that combines world-class R&D, global strategy and external affairs capabilities, and local implementation and impact teams, puts the world’s most underserved at the heart of everything it does - measuring its success in lives improved.


Due to this dedicated focus, Janssen ranks on third overall place on the Access to Medicines Index41, on second place for R&D activities, and on first place for R&D capacity building initiatives42.

GPH R&D’s capacity development group uses a multi-pronged, collaborative approach, including human and infrastructural capacity development, disease area research, implementation research, and relationships and partnerships, to transform clinical capacity with and for underserved communities, advancing inclusive innovation.


The capacity development group recently developed an internal cross-functional operating model to properly address and mitigate the increased risks and challenges of doing clinical trials in resource-limited settings. The model includes a knowledge hub for clinical programmes in resource-limited settings, including a toolbox with ready-to-use solutions and multiple cross-functional workstreams to further improve the model and the solutions. The toolbox solutions address challenges in clinical operations, data management, safety management, clinical supply management and quality management.


Relevant internal knowledge and expertise will be shared with the CTCAN project. In addition, Janssen can leverage a major network of collaborators, partnerships, and relationships. GPH R&D also includes the Disease Management Programmes group with an innovative and comprehensive disease management portfolio with technological, biomarkers and data science programmes.


Relevant innovations, pertinent to this proposal, includes the vaccination monitoring platform that can be leveraged for large-scale healthcare campaigns and outbreak responses, the data science portfolio to predict areas of HIV drug resistance, dengue outbreaks, or COVID-19 outbreaks, to support the identification of countries and sites to be involved in specific clinical trials, and the remote training service platform designed for large-scale remote training.


The remote training service has been successfully deployed for 51,000 HCWs trained on mental health in Rwanda, more than 1650 HCWs in Rwanda and over 100 HCWs in Sierra Leone on Ebola.


Other critical expertise Janssen has developed in pandemic preparedness, is last mile delivery of medicines and vaccines. For example, Janssen is working closely together with VillageReach43 for the delivery and transport of medical solutions and/or laboratory samples. HIV medicines are drone-delivered in the Kalangala islands in Uganda, and Ebola vaccines in the tranches of the Equator province in DRC for an Ebola test programme. 

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