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Eleventh EDCTP Forum Paris Nov 2023

(Image for the group of companies that joined the Eleventh EDCTP Forum in Paris)

The Clinical Trials Community Africa Network (CTCAN), actively participated in the Eleventh EDCTP Forum in Paris this past November (2023). This pivotal event offered a chance to celebrate the EDCTP program's 20-year legacy and focus on the future of global health research in Africa.


Discussions at the forum emphasised the importance of continued collaboration between European and African institutions. CTCAN's inaugural partner meeting, held concurrently, marked a significant step towards this goal. The collective effort aims to create an environment that attracts more clinical trials to Africa, ultimately bringing vital treatments to the continent.


The forum's focus on innovative trial designs, capacity building, and efficient regulatory processes offered a glimpse into a promising future. CTCAN looks forward to working with partners to translate these commitments into tangible improvements in healthcare for all Africans.


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