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Many potential clinical sites in Africa need to develop additional capacity before they can take part in Stringent Regulatory Authority (SRA) - quality clinical trials. By entering the Clinical Trials Community Africa Network (CTCAN), sites and laboratories will be able to access a clinical trial preparedness framework. Through the proposed capability development activities, sites and laboratories will be strengthened to generate SRA-quality data, which in turn will be informative for new policies and practices, and lead to earlier access to new treatments.


While governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), pharmaceutical companies, and other public-private sector actors have established important capacity development programmes in Africa, CTCAN draws the different programmes and data together in, or linked to, a single platform.

Alignment between these Africa-led programmes and clinical research programmes of clinical trials sponsors will ultimately create a greater, sustainable, and cost-effective impact.


The main objectives of the Clinical Trials Community Africa Network project are to:

  • Develop an umbrella sub-Saharan African (SSA) network consolidating relevant subnetworks of clinical trial sites and laboratories,

  • Supplement the network with epidemiological data associated with the sites and laboratories, and clear and operationalised regulatory information required for clinical trial start-up and conduct,

  • Develop a framework to develop capacity and increase clinical trial preparedness,

  • Make all this critical information available through a single electronic platform: the Clinical Trials Community platform.


The CTCAN project will thereby contribute to creating an environment that sustainably brings more trials to Africa, including large scale clinical trials and disease outbreak response activities.

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